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    Graphics card HELP for premiere pro CC

    Zoooooom92 Level 1

      So I've spent hours reading numerous forums in regards to what graphics card is best suitable for premiere pro cc that isn't overly priced (I.e. Quadro k4000 and 5000) I'm trying to stick in the 400-500 range for the PC I'm in the process of building. I need to know anyone's recommendations for a GOOD graphics card that isn't so expensive? I know they exist, I'm just not sure which fits best for premiere pro CC as well as the rest of adobe CC. I mean I hear people mentioning AMD vs quadro and GTX 680, etc. I know there's a list of approved cards from adobe, but that isn't what I'm looking for. I want one that will give excellent performance without emptying my wallet costing so much.  Please, any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks guys!