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    How to install CORRECT version with IE


      I have both Firefox and IE on my computer.  I have successfully updated Firefox to use the newest version of Flash player - but cannot update IE.  Downloading from IE gives me version and complains, "Your version12.0.0.38 Latest Version12.0.0.43" 


      Where is for IE? 

      (Computer is Windows 7 64-bit)


      I have tried the approach suggested in another note: download install_flash_player_ax.exe separately, shut down IE, run the installer, restart IE ... When I visit http://helpx.adobe.com/flash_player.html with IE, the "Check Now" button produces, "Sorry, your computer does not have the latest Flash Player installed. Please go to step 2. ( Your version12.0.0.38 Latest Version12.0.0.43 )"


      The "cloud/tree" animation does work - so apparently Flash Player IS working - but the Adobe website claims it is out-of-date.  So apparently this is only cosmetic, but confusing (and time-wasting).


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      Perhaps the defect currently lies with the helpx.adobe.com site, which believes there should be a "newer" Flash Player for IE ... but no newer version than actually exists.


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