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    How to package multibitrate live stream as audio-only for Apple compliance




      From AMS documentation, I can package vod content as audio-only by appending "audio-only" to url for instance:

      http://<ams server ip>/hls-vod/audio-only-aac/vod.m3u8


      Similarly I can package live content (single bitrate) as audio-only for instance:

      http://<ams server ip>/hls-live/audio-only-aac/livepkgr/_definst_/liveevent/livestream1.m3u8


      In my case, I have 3 bitrates being published for a live audio-video event. The variant playlist for this event is created by hls_http module by refering to Manifest.xml.


      I could not figure out a way to insert an audio-only stream to this variant playlist created by hls_http module for live stream.


      Please let me know if I am missing something because this seems to be a pretty obvious requirement for live streaming to IOS devices.