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    Adding actions other than "Show" to topics viewed outside Navigation Pane

      On second thought, I'll use the approach described in the previous post about "direct linking." But, if there is a quick answer to this, it may still be useful. Thank you!



      From certain areas of our software application, we are embedding links to single Help topics instead of the full WebHelp (no Navigation Pane). Right now, the single topics display a text link, "Show," at the top left corner (I changed it to say "View full Help Index."). Users can click that link to view the full WebHelp that includes the Navigation Pane. I would like to add another link that says, "Close Window." The client does not want to train users to click the browser's "X" in the top right corner since novice Web users may accidentally close the software application (also Web-based), too.

      BTW - I'm using RoboHelp X5.0.1

      Thanks in advance for your help.