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    Moving texts boxes onto another page


      I am editing a form because there are two text boxes that are moving on to a secondary page,

      I have tried deleting rows on the form to make extra space for these two text boxes to fit.

      Even though there is ample room, the text boxes wont stay on one page.

      What's more frustrating is that a web based version of the document appears as one page, whereas a downloaded version splits into two.

      What can i do?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          In FormsCentral there are two primary "Views" when editing.  Web View and Page View.  Web View by default is a single page view.  You can add page breaks by using the New Page field.  This will only affect how the form appears in your web browser.  To see how your form will look when converted to PDF you want to switch to Page View.  You can do this by selecting menu item View-> Page View. Again, the New Page field can be added to get fields aligned like you want, but these New Page fields will only affect how the form appears in Page View (how it will appear in PDF or when you print).  If you have not added any New Page fields in Web View but have added them in Page View, the web version of your form will still be one page.


          Hope this helps.




          Jeff Canepa

          Software Quality Engineer

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