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    Problem with custom "CTRL+<" shortcut in Photoshop CS6 or CC (Windows 7).




      I've got a problem with a custom shortcut both in Photoshop CS6 and CC. It works fine in Photoshop CS5.


      I've set the "CTRL+<" shortcut to the "flatten image" command. I'm using it for years so this is hard to change my habits . I've saved the shortcuts and everything works fine until I restart Photoshop.


      After a restart of Photoshop, the shortcut is automatically set to "CTRL+&" ! I've edited the ".kys" file where my custom shortcut is stored and the file is good :


      <command kind="static" id="1141" name="Flatten image">



      I though may be it could be a problem with the custom workspace wich also store the shortcuts but this file is fine too.


      I really do not know how this is possible as the files are correct... is Photoshop saving this values elsewhere ?

      I'd really appreciate some help with this.