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    keyboard problem with wmode transparent and firefox



      I came accross a very nasty bug in this configuration: FireFox+Windows+[Flex area using the wmode=transparent]

      If the flex area has a text input, then the keyboard mapping is stuck with a wrong keyboard mapping and some characters can simply not be entered. For instance, on a French keyboard, it is not possible to enter a @ character.

      This bug seems very old, here is a reduced situation dated from 2005 (!):

      < http://www.5etdemi.com/blog/archives/2005/06/firefox-wmodetransparent-is-completely-screwy -and-breaks-textfields/>

      Many other people talked about the problem since, for instance here:

      < http://blog.headlondon.com/archives/no-wmode-please-were-british/>

      My questions are:

      * does anyone know of a work-around for this (and yes we _do_ need the transparent feature :-)
      * why has this nasty bug not being fixed since 2005 ? I posted a bug report today but it must have been done before.

      I do not know if this is a bug with Firefox or the Flash player but in all cases many Flex apps can be affected by this bug if they use the transparent feature.

      thanks in advance for the feedback,