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    How can I get my CS6 to work in Mavericks?


      Hello all,

      I'm coming into my second week of desperate attempts to make my After Effects CS6 (Volume License) work in the cursed Mac OS 10.9  :  (


      I'm back to using CS5.5 which works, but my clients are getting irritated by having to down-save all documents to CS5.5 for me.


      I've been in contact with several Adobe advisors without luck, so I'm trying to reach out again, hoping someone has been able to solve this problem, it seems I'm not the only one suffering from this.


      – I've installed CS6 OK.


      – I'm trying to patch it to 11.0.4, message keeps saying "Adobe Application Manager is damaged or missing, please reinstall"


      – I've tried loads of ways to remedy this; CC cleaner, surgical removal and reinstallation of all Adobe files in various order, silent installs, all kinds of permissions repairs and adjustments, reinstalling AAM, installing AAM for volume licensing, studying the PDApp.log, install and crash logs,


      I've considered wiping my entire system and trying to downgrade to Mac OS 10.8 in order to get my CS6 back up and running but I worry this will lead to new problems.


      Grateful for any tips or help.

      many thanks,