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    Indesign server CC trial help


      I have programmed Applescript and Indesign for desktop for years.

      I have a solution that should work well with Indesign server and applescript.

      Downloaded the Trial for Indesign Server CC.

      Then you have to figure out how to activate the product, which i think i have done via this command :


      adobe_prtk --tool=StartTrial --leid=InDesignServer-CS7-Mac-GM


      Now that its not compaining about being activated i can see that the sample applescripts provided in the install can compile.

      If i run them however i get a failiure thats odd.


      tell application "Finder"

                get startup disk

                          --> "CWFM1:"

                exists "CWFM1:ServerTestFiles"

                          --> true

                exists "CWFM1:ServerTestFiles:bob.indd"

                          --> false

      end tell

      tell application "InDesignServer"

                close every document saving no

                make new document

                          --> document "Untitled 3"

                save document "Untitled 3" to "CWFM1:ServerTestFiles:bob.indd"

                          --> error number -1728


      error "InDesignServer got an error: Can’t get document \"Untitled 3\"." number -1728 from document "Untitled 3"



      The folder is chmod'd to 777 so its not a read write issue.


      if i just use the normal open command in applescript i get this error :


      The document “bob.indd” could not be opened. InDesignServer cannot open files of this type.


      which is just odd. its a normal empty indesign document with nothing in it!



      has anyone got ideas?




      Server is MacMini i7 with 16gb ram, OS X 10.8.5 server.