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    Reject IP address and error 3299




      I use the Adobe Media Server 5 standard but I have a problem to reject some IP adresses, when  I change the Adaptator.xml all the address can connect to the server ,I restarted "AMSHttpd" and "Adobe Media Server" :

      <!-- This tag specifies that clients can only connect to the server from  -->

      <!-- the specified hosts. This is specified as a comma delimited list of  -->

      <!-- hostnames or domain names and/or (full or partial) IP addresses, as  -->

        <!-- well as the keyword "all" (no quotes required).                      -->

        <!-- For example:                                                         -->

        <!-- <Allow>x.foo.com, foo.com,, 10.60</Allow> or             -->

        <!-- <Allow>all</Allow>                                                   -->


      <!-- This tag specifies that clients attempting to connect to the server  -->

      <!-- from the specified hosts will be rejected. This is specified as a    -->

      <!-- comma  delimited list of hostnames or domain names and/or (full or   -->

      <!-- partial) IP addresses as well as the keyword "all"(no quotes required)-->

         <!-- For example:                                                -->

        <!-- <Deny>x.foo.com, foo.com,, 10.60</Deny> or      -->

        <!-- <Deny>all</Deny>                                            -->


        <!-- Specifies the order in which to evaluate the <Allow> and <Deny> tags. -->

        <!-- This can be <Order>Deny,Allow</Order>, which means the request   -->

        <!-- will be processed if not in <Deny> or in <Allow>. Or it can      -->

        <!-- be <Order>Allow,Deny</Order>, which means the request will       -->

        <!-- be processed if in <Allow> and not in <Deny>.                    -->



      And when I restart the server the stream is ok but in Event Viewer I see that :


      The Apache service named reported the following error:

      >>> [Thu Jan 23 14:34:36 2014] [info] mod_jithttp - AMS installation path: "C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe Media Server 5\\" .


      Sorry for my English,