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    InDesign e-book publication

    Chris Maguire



      I'm meeting a client tomorrow with a view to updating their printed literature. As part of the update, I'm considering proposing the development of an e-publicaiton which would be published on iOS, Android and Kindle devices.


      Without venturing into tutorials quite yet, I'm just wondering if this soultion is all feasible using InDesign - I'm pretty sure it is, just need to confirm. Also, are there any cost ramifications with regards to publishing on these platforms? I assume there are.



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You definitely can.


          Amazon even have a plugin for InDesign for creating .mobi files.



          If this is something you've never offered before then you might be threading in unsafe waters!


          I'd say you should get a working model together for their purpose as a sample and showcase that.


          Instead of promissing things you might not be able to deliver.


          At least if you experiment with a working model you can iron kinks in your workflow.

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            Chris Maguire Level 1

            Wise advice indeed!


            Thanks for the reply - good to know all the platforms are catered for. A working model would definitely be the first step, so we can get a good feel for how it works and the full scope of what we can offer the client.


            Thanks again.