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    Licensing Issues


      I downloaded ADE and an eBook and then Authorized an Adobe accout on my workstation. I downloaded ADE on my personal Computer and authorized this computer for the account I created earlier. I tried to downlad the eBook again but I had an error saying that the server would not release the license to a wrong device. I then emailed the eBook to my self and was able to load it into my library. when I try to open the eBook I have another error that says, "This document is not licensed for this device." I already authorized the computer! what should I do now?

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          chiragjuneja Level 1

          My suspect about the eBook file not opening is that he publisher of the eBook has not allowed it to be distributed on multiple devices. It can only be read on a single device. Please contact the eBook publisher.

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            sjpt Level 4

            I downloaded ADE and an eBook and then Authorized an Adobe accout on my workstation.


            This is a vicious trap that Adobe lays for unsuspecting customers.

            You should never download an ebook until you have authorized with a specific Adobe ID.


            They do give very mild warnings, but not nearly strong enough.

            When you register 'without ID', ADE creates an anonymous/implicit ID with limited powers (eg can't be used to share with other devices).

            Whenever you first load a DRM book, that copy of the book is associated with whatever ID the computer is registered to at the time.

            Any book you load while this anonymous ID is active gets associated with that ID, and can't be read on any other device.

            When you properly register your computer with a real ID, that old anonymous ID is lost.

            Now you don't have any devices that can read the book.


            The only way I know round this is to use a DRM stripper such as epubee BEFORE you deauthorize the device.

            I do NOT advocate using such code to get around the valid limitations placed on a DRM book.

            However, where the problem arises only because of the ineptness of Adobe's ADEPT DRM infrastructure and its implementation,

            such a measure is totally justifiable.