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    ADE 3.0 crashes with Sony PRS-350 and library books

    sjpt Level 4

      ADE3.0 cannot operate correctly with Overdrive library books when using a Sony PRS-350 (and ? other models)

      ADE3.0 shows (almost?) exactly the same incorrect behaviour  as reported for ADE2.0 over a year ago.

      ADE1.7.2 continues to work fine.


      With the Sony plugged in:

      1. ADE3.0 cannot process a library .acsm file: No record for this loan is found on this machine.
        With Sony unplugged it goes fine.
        Fine with non-library DRM books with Sony plugged in.

      2. If a library drm .epub has been previously downloaded, trying to open that gives same symptoms as (1) above.

      3. Drag and drop a previously download library drm .epub onto PRS-350 gives 'No permission to copy this book'.
        Works fine on 1.7.2