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    Copying and Element

    HarleySoftailer Level 1

      I've created an element consisting of three paragraphs of text and animated within the element on its own timeline.  This element has been turned into a symbol.  We'll call this element "original".


      I then copied original in order to make a second, similar element, and named the copy duplicate.  When I double click on duplicate in order to modify it's timeline, I keep drilling down into original.


      I've tried copy/paste from inside the Elements panel on the right and I've tried copy/paste from within the main stage timeline.  In both cases, the remaned copy (duplicate) does not open and allow me to make changes without those changes being effected on the timeline of original.


      I don't want a second, identical iteration of original, I want to use original as a template to build out a similar but different element/symbol called duplicate.


      I am running the most current copy of EA - downloaded last night.




      Thank you.



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Version 3 of EA:

          You can use the same symbol and change it's content dynamically whether it is text or images.

          Give us a little more details on what you are doing.

          I usually make array of text and images and then use the array to load what I want in the symbol.


          I created this example for another user who wanted to change the image of a symbol. If you have text you can do the same thing. I updated for you with text for you to see how it is done:




          You could also have the array made differently if you have more different elements:


          var info = [

          { 'title': ' A fish', 'image': 'images/fish.jpg', 'description':' A fish is an animal that lives in water.' },

          { 'title': ' A rose', 'image': 'images/rose.jpg', 'description':' A rose is a flower with many diiferent colors.' },

          { 'title': ' A dog', 'image': 'images/dog.jpg', 'description':' A dog is an animal that is well adapted to be a pet.' },

          { 'title': ' A corvette', 'image': 'images/corvette.jpg', 'description':' A covervette is a sports car.' }



          Then you can use the array with:




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            HarleySoftailer Level 1

            I don't really want to build an array of the textual content as much as I want to create three different "assets" each consisting of three paragraphs of text.  Each of the assets then has it's own animation on it's own timeline.  The only reason I duplicated the first asset was in an effort to use it as a starting point for animating the second element. 


            What I'm building here is a site where a user clicks one of three triggers and the group of paragraphs associated with that trigger slide into view.  The reason I need three separate assets is that each set of text paragraphs animate differently.  Asset #1 always slides into view from the right and out of view to the left.  Asset #3 always slides into view from the right and out of view to the right.  And asset #2 can slide into or out of view from either left or right depending on what is currently on the "stage" when trigger number 3 is hit.  If they are viewing #3 and they click trigger #2, #2 slides in from the left.  If they are viewing #1 and click trigger #2, #2 slides in from the right.

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              if you want to duplicate a symbol for a starting point then you need to duplicate in the LIBRARY and not the ELEMENTS panel. Then you can edit each new duplicate.

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                jbowden Adobe Employee

                Yes, resdesign is correct.


                It's important to note that when you duplicate a symbol on the Stage, you are actually duplicating the symbol instance, which is just another DOM element - and not the symbol itself. Therefore, when you then edit that symbol by double-clicking on it in the Stage, you are going to affect all instances of the symbol in the composition.


                If you want to create a duplicate symbol, you duplicate it in the Library, and then drag a new instance of that from the Library to the Stage. And then when you edit that symbol later, it won't affect the original symbol (or the symbol instances) that you duplicated earlier from the Library panel.


                Hope that clarifies it,


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                  HarleySoftailer Level 1

                  Thank you one and all.  That helped me a great deal and I appreciate it.