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    CF8 Enterprise migration to another hosting provider. Help with migration plan (license) needed


      Hi there!


      We are running a CF8 Enterpsise on an older root Server (virtuozzo VM) and we need to switch to another provider (vmWare VM).

      We will probably need more then one month for the migration and I need to come up with a migration plan that doesn't involve rendering the service unavailable.

      I've tried to contact Adobe hotline, but the people there knew nothing about licensing, the other number I got from them kicks me after 20 minutes on hold... so I was hoping to be able to find answers here.


      I understand CF Enterprise is licensed for 2 CPUs, for unlimited number of virtual machines, so the other server wouldn't qualify to run on the same license key because it's different 2 CPUs. If I could migrate everything within a month then I could use the 30 day demo license, but I will need more then 30 days.


      So what are my options? Even if I wanted to buy CF8 Standard to cover the second server while migrating (am not really willing to pay $$$ just to cover few weeks of migration), I'm not sure I'd be able to find a place to buy it. CF9 or CF10 is not an option because we'd need to rewrite the code. What happenes if we do use same license key for few days on both servers - does it stop working? Any hope of me contacting Adobe and getting some kind of "extension" of the 30 day demo license so we can complete the migration?


      Any ideas what I can to?