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    ADE 3.0, what's new?

    sjpt Level 4

      Where is the 'what's new' page for ADE 3.0?




      With a quick look it looks exactly like ADE2.0 or 2.0.1.

      It replicates several of the well-documented problems of ADE2.0,

      1. no easy option to reauthorize
        Authorize Computer should not be greyed out when authorized:
        it should give a warning 'Do you want to deauthorize first?  You will lose access to the books belonging to the old account/ID
        and then if you acccept deauthorize and allow you to reauthorize.

      2. hidden deauthorization

      3. won't work with library books and (some?) Sony ereaders (see separate post)


      I can't check whether it also still has some of the other standard issues with ADE2.0 that regularly show up on this forum

      1. Insufficient warning of the bad effects of implicit authorization
      2. Prone to not working immediately after install, especially on XP
      3. Prone to suddenly stopping working after a time even when it worked before
      4. Prone to failure to scroll pages.
      5. Incomprehensible error messages.
      6. Prone to confused registration, pretending to be registered when it isn't
      7. Incorrect error messages, in particular
        ID is already in use on another computer and cannot be reused.
        as a message further to confuse users  already hit by bug 6.