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    Adobe Premier music video edit


      Dear fellow Premiere users....Please Help!!! I like making music videos. When I lay down the video tracks and the audio tracks on the timeline all is good...THEN if I make an edit on the video line...the audio track splits. I want to lock in the audio track so it doesn't move each time. If audio track stays the same when I edit..then I won't have to re attach the audio after each edit. There has to be a way to lock down the audio track so it doesn't move. Please make my day and help me



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          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, there are no Locks for Tracks (Audio, or Video) in PrE. PrPro has them, and they are very useful. I have campaigned for Track Locking, in PrE, but so far, no-go.


          As for the editing of the Video, splitting the Audio Track material, many editing operations can be done with one of the modifier keys, especially the Ctrl, or Alt keys, to keep Clips (on various Tracks) from rippling, and changing.


          • Exactly what editing are you doing? It might be as simple as holding down one of the modifier keys.
          • Also, what OS version are you running PrE on, as that will determine exactly which modifier keys should be employed?


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            Just from a workflow standpoint (I do not do music videos, so this might not work for you, in your Project), I edit all Video, and any Audio attached to that Video first. Then, when complete, I add my music, scored to the final edit of the Video.


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