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    Flash Player won't download on iMac

    Stevekir98 Level 1

      I am trying to update my Flash Player but I just go round and round the two Adobe download sites in a circle. Nothing happens when I click the download button.


      iMac (2011), Mavericks OS 10 9.1

      Existing Flash player version 11.9.900.170

      New version offered by the Adobe site:

      Safari Version 7.0.1


      In Mavericks > System Prefs > Flash Player > Advanced I have checked "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)"


      In Mavericks > System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Firewall, the Firewall is turned OFF.


      In Safari > Security > I have checked "Enable Java Script" and


      I have checked "Allow Plugins. In "Manage Website Settings", under "Allow subsites to use this plug-in with the settings below", and "Currently Open websites", get.adobe.com is "Always Allow".


      The Problem:


      I have visited:




      which confirms my present version of Flash Player. I press on:

      "Download Adobe Flash Player page by clicking here."


      That takes me to:




      but when I press the big rectangular orange button "Install now" I am sent to:




      which is promotion for the Cloud. At the bottom is "Downloads" and a button "Adobe Flash Player". Pressing that button takes me back to:




      So I am going round in circles with no error message to tell me what is wrong.


      I got the same result when running Mountain Lion (OS 8), now also in Mavericks


      I need to use another application that requires the current version of Flash Player. What a nightmare!


      Any ideas please?