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    Change Placement of ''show'' navigation component

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      Ok I think this website has the answer to get around the Show link in a fake page







      2pm update:


      We've now decided we simply want the page that appears with the Show hyperlink to go away by itself; that is, we want to not even have this page show up if that is possible and go directly to the proper view of the page as if it was clicked from the TOC of the web page.


      So, if that's not possible, we are seeking a way for the Show hyperlink to click itself and take us away from the page we are looking at.



      In our topics have a top banner included in the Master Page.


      This top banner, covers the word "show" when the page is called during the

      clicking of a mailed link which we have been requested to provide via a Send

      Link button.


      Please refer to this item found during Google search:





      So, I think, we cannot adjust the margin of the top of the page which is called by

      the mailto: function we are using, because it would interfere with the top

      banner when the page is called normally from within the Web output.


      Any help of course appreciated immensely and, might help other users with

      same issue.





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