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    Topaz signature pad and Reader 10/11

    erika.overton Level 1


      I am working on the County Attorney's Case Management Project which will make all court documents filing electronic and as part of that process we will require all signatures on court documents to be digital only.  We currently have Adobe integration with our software and will be using Adobe to sign the documents.  Currently most County Attorney's offices user Reader not Acrobat.



      We are using a Topaz Systems SigLite 1x5 LCD Signature Pad as our test/training signature pad.  In Reader when we try to sign we are not getting a signature capture window, instead we are only able to use the default Adobe signature options of drawing, text, or inserting an image.  Is there anyway to get the signature capture to appear for use when signing?  (assuming all of the security properties for the document are set properly, which I have verified) I can get this to work perfectly in Acrobat. I'm trying to make the process of signing all of these docs for the attorneys easy and with the fewest amount of keystrokes and clicks as possible.