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    Audio Issue With Premiere Elements 11


      I have a project that I have been working on and have exported it to a .mov file just fine a few months ago.  I recently decided to change some clips and add different ones to it.  Somehow in this process my audio stopped exporting!  It's still there and plays just fine in Premiere but not export with the video no mater what format that I save it in.  When exporting, I have double-checked to make sure that the "Export Audio" box is checked.  I've tried replacing the MP3 audio file with a WAV version of it and that didn't work.  I went back to my original project file and now that won't even export the audio.  I also did a test and created a new project with a new video clip and separate audio file and the sound is exporting but cuts in and out.  I did another test and exported a clip that was with it's original audio file from the camera and it was fine.


      Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I'm all out of ideas to try and hair to pull out...