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    Finding a url link to partially completed form already submitted -


      I wonder if you can help - I am the author of an application form for which I am currently collating responses.  I have enabled the form to be saved  for 7 days by applicants too.


      I noticed when I was reviewing some of the responses that one person has not completed the form - they missed out an entire section by mistake.  They filled it in over 10 days ago so the url that would have been sent to them if they indeed saved it prior to submission, will no longer work (plus they have also submitted it so it wouldn't work anyway I guess).


      Can I as author send it back to them to complete in any way? Am I able to generate a new url in some way for them to access it? Many thanks

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There isn't anything set up that would make this easy for you - and when the new information was submitted from that user it would be a new submission and would not be added to the original.


          You have basically two options:

          1) Send them the form URL and ask them to complete it again (from scratch)

          2) You could open the form URL in a browser window and pre-fill their data into the form from the Response Table.  You could then use the "Save" feature and input that users address so the "saved" form is emailed to them to complete what they had missed the first time.  As noted above, this would still create a new entry in the response table.