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    Camera Raw 8.3

    cvcc104 Level 1

      Just upgraded to CS6, and added Camera Raw 8.3 plugin.  Have new Nikon D610, and PS says that it cant read the file and that I should get the plugin.  But i did!


      Any ideas to solve/



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          ACR 8.3 will read the D610 files just fine.


          Verify that you have ACR 8.3 installed in Photoshop by Help / About Plug-ins... / Camera


          Assuming it is, then the issue typically is that you've used Nikon Transfer or View NX from your previous Nikon camera, and it has corrupted the files as far as Adobe software is concerned--the obsolete Nikon software changes things in the metadata that makes the raw files unrecognizable to Adobe.

          The way to test this is to transfer the pictures again with Finder (Mac) or Explorer (PC), and see if they work, then.


          If you have just started using your camera and you can retransfer all your images without using obsolete Nikon software, then do that, and you'll be ok--although you may want to update your Nikon software with the versions that came with your new camera or at least stop using the older versions.


          If you have transferred pictures and then overwritten them on the memory card, so they cannot be retransferred, then there is a utility that can be used to correct the corruption, available, here:



          If you haven't used any Nikon software then something else is going on and you may want to upload one of the pictures to www.dropbox.com and post a public download link to it, here, for others to examine.

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            cvcc104 Level 1

            Thanks, you have given me some options to work with or at least to do some checking. 


            I did download the newer Nikon Transfer and Viewer, assuming it overwrote the older version.


            I also verified the the ACR version was installed


            I will try the Explorer idea.  I will also try using an older Nikon camera picture file.


            I did realize that after taking some test pictures with the new camera that I failed to "format" the memory card, as instructed, so will do that also and retake  test pictures.


            All shots taken so far are only 'test' shots so overwriting them or deleting them is no problem.


            I will repost my findings and results, in particular, if I made the foolish error of not formatting the memory card in my haste to see the workings of the new Camera!  (I am moving from a Nikon D2X finally!)


            Thanks again!



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If Nikon Transfer pops up when you insert your memory card or plug-in your camera, then it is probably still the old one. Check to make sure it isn't still V1.x.


              I'm thinking that the Nikon Transfer function is part of ViewNX2, now, although I don't have a Nikon camera so may be wrong.

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                cvcc104 Level 1

                It was a simple novice mistake!  I formatted the memory card, and retook some test shots.  CS6 worked flawlessly, as did the ViewNX2.


                I apologize for taking your time up for such a simple mistake!