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    Mocha AE failed to open .mp4 and .avi

    jabakichi154 Level 1


      I used usually mocha and it worked perfekt, but today I was trying import a video and it say "failed to open file ***.avi: currupt or in unsupported format" the same message it say with mp4 format.

      What can I do? avi and mp4 formats are support formats.

      I'm using Format Factory 3.2.1., Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, AAE CC lastest version.

      Thank you.

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          ImagineerSystems Level 1

          Not all video formats are currently supported by mocha AE. Imagineer is working to resolve this, but currently if you clip does not open in mocha AE, we recomend transcoding it to another format. This tech note may help: http://www.imagineersystems.com/support/Documentation/supported-file-formats#idp19920


          What to Do if mocha AE Does Not Support Your Footage

          In the rare event that you are working in a format that mocha doesn't support, we recommend converting the footage to an image sequence.

          If you are just tracking, you can use any compressed format such as a JPG sequence and then use your original footage when you apply the data.  If you are going to be doing rendering, such as using Mocha Pro's remove or insert modules, then we recommend converting to a DPX or TIFF sequence.

          Make sure of the following when converting to an image sequence:

          1. The frame rate, aspect ratio and dimensions are the same as the original footage.
          2. If you are creating proxy footage, make sure the aspect ratio and frame rate are the same.
          3. If you are using a particular bit depth, make sure you convert to the same depth if you are using the footage for rendering inside mocha
          4. If using compressed footage, don't set the compression too low, as this will create artifacts that may hinder tracking and roto.
          5. Make sure mocha supports the sequence you are converting to!

          If you would prefer to convert to a movie clip format then we recommend a standard format that QuickTime would understand, such as Animation. If you are working on OSX, ProRes can also be a good alternative.

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            jabakichi154 Level 1

            JPEG sequence work but this is not solution.

            .mp4, .avi are suppport formats I don't know why Mocha cannot import my file. I'd like it work like before a problem. It's impede I have to render a video in JPEG sequence and import to Mocha. Before I just click at Animation >> Track Mocha AE and it worked perfekt.

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              ImagineerSystems Level 1

              It is possible that Quicktime is causing this issue. Please contact Imagineer support to get more detailed support:


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                daimon79pl Level 1

                i changed to qt 7.5 and everything all right:) After instal qt reboot pc:)thats all

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                  clauderozsa Level 1

                  Hi I have the same problem. I try to open an MP4 format in Mocha and get the message that the file is corrupt or not supported. If the was was corrupt it would not be accepted in After Effects. I tried with other  MP4 files and got the same message. I wanted to learn how to use the product and I'm stuck with such a nonsense! I have also contacted the forum at Mocha but have no answer yet from there.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Okay, so there are a bunch of different MP4 formats and Mocha is not compatible with all of them. It is a normal production workflow to create lossless or nearly lost less digital intermediates to use in your production. In the long run, it saves time because a digital intermediates or a DI as it is sometimes called, extract faster and render faster than compressed formats. If I'm using Mocha and/or doing a lot of manipulation I always take the time to pull a 10 bit or better lossless DI from any compressed original I have. I suggest you do the same, It will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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                      clauderozsa Level 1

                      Hi Rick, thanks for the advice. What I appreciate in all this is the nerve of Mocha saying that the software is fully compatible with mp4 files! Thank God I don't have to pay 700 USD for that! I'm making progress with my project and my Vesuvio erupting is rather good for an amateur like myself.


                      Friday 20th 7:35 am

                      Ok I've converted the file to quick time and it works.

                      I have another question; my clip is 22"24images; Why does Mocha states it as an 813 images. Unless I've got to go back to primary school 22"24 are 22*25+22=574 images !!!! My speed is set to 25i /sec for the PAL standard.



                      Have a nice day.

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                        jasir aslam Level 1

                        Adobe After Effect : error Import video Unsupported or damaged extension File Solved cs5.5 - YouTube




                        HERE IS THE LINK TO OPEN ANY FORMAT for MOCHA AE ! Hope this helps , WORKED FOR ME.

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                          clauderozsa Level 1

                          Thanks but The video is of such poor quality that I can't read a single character. They are too small for me not to mention the stupid set of characters used! Really some guys confound tutorials with video games!

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                            clauderozsa Level 1

                            My setup on youtube is automatically in Hres and its maximum.

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                              Mike D Kelley Level 1

                              How about this one?


                              I have a desktop computer and just got a new laptop, both running Windows 8.1 with all updates.  I am subscribed to Adobe cloud, so I have the exact same versions of AE on both (and, I would assume, the exact same versions of Mocha).  I have the same version of Quicktime installed on both. The exact same .mov file, loaded from an SD card (so it's definitely the SAME file) loaded into AE and then tracked in Mocha works fine on my desktop, but says it is an unsupported file on my laptop (in Mocha -- it plays fine in AE on both systems as well it should).



                              What the @#$%!@!?  How can the exact same file, working on what we would presume is the exact same system, work in one and not in the other?  Is Mocha brain dead or something?  I assume it has something to do with some video codecs that are different on the two systems, but in point of fact Mocha shouldn't care, not for an .MOV file (which should be loaded in via the QT codecs, I would assume).  I don't really have any way of determining what other codecs are available on my desktop that are not on my laptop, but I really shouldn't have to do so -- no other piece of software really cares (IOW, I can load up this .MOV file in ANYTHING else and it works just fine -- just not in Mocha on this laptop).



                              Anyone have a clue?  Because Mocha sure doesn't.

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                                Martin Brennand Level 1

                                Hey Mike (and others!), sorry to see you're getting format issues with QuickTime files.


                                For those still having trouble opening movie files on recent versions of mocha AE, can you tell me if you have the BlackMagic codec installed? We recently discovered a defect that would show problems with this codec causing a conflict.



                                Martin Brennand

                                mocha Product Manager

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                                  Mike D Kelley Level 1

                                  We've written on the Creative Cow forums about this, but for the benefit of others this might help let me summarize that my problem was finally solved by simply rebooting my laptop (which I had been shutting down by closing the lid and NOT rebooting).


                                  I had installed Quicktime (the latest version) and it was working fine in AE otherwise, but Mocha still would not load in any .MOV files (even the ones that were now playing correctly in AE).  After a reboot all was well.


                                  I realize some software, particularly things that write to tables or startup memory, requires a reboot, but Quicktime did not say this and none of the other programs I used to test the .MOV file had an issue after it was installed, including AE (which gives you a warning if QT is not installed).  It was only Mocha that required the reboot. and that threw me off.


                                  I realize that's a fairly isolated and specific case, but if it could even help one additional person with this issue it would be nice to have it documented somewhere (for most folks the problem will "fix itself" the next day, after they've shut their computer down.  "Hey, I could have SWORN I had a problem reading this file!" :>)

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                                    Martin Brennand Level 1

                                    Thanks for updating this forum too Mike!


                                    We've added the issue into our defect database, but it's great that you solved the problem easily.

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                                      CEJLLC Level 1



                                      I appreciate you being available to the forums.  I would appreciate it much more if MOCHA AE CC worked.  I want to track motion not search for an answer why MOCHA AE CC cannot import a .mp4 file. "failed to open... bla bla bla...unsupported file format"


                                      Mocha FAILED.jpg


                                      I will leave MOCHA AE CC in the dust and use the standard AE tracker.  It may not do a "better" job but it works.  For this creative genius if it works then it is, by default, a better job.  I would rather spend additional tweaking the AE tracking data than source out an answer why MOCHA will not work.

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                                        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        If you have a standard installation and you haven't loaded up a bunch of funky third-party video apps, and you are using support it formats, Mocha works great. Personally I think it is the best plainar tracker you can get.


                                        The likelihood of an archival MP4 working in Mocha  is pretty slim. It's about as likely as it would be that there was nothing going on between the singer and the singee.

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                                          Martin Brennand Level 1

                                          If you can send me the file i'd be happy to take a look at why this particular codec version may not be working: martinb[at]imagineersystems{dot}com.

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                                            NearbyGalaxy Level 1

                                            I've had this issue twice now at random times, what resolved it for me was downloading QuickTime 7.5.5 

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                                              md45998448 Level 1

                                              Agree. Just install Quicktime. I don't know why that works but it does.

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                                                CEJLLC Level 1

                                                Martin-Thank you for the reply.  I was not alerted there was a response.  I ended up tracking with the AE Tracker.  Mocha is not a success for me yet in spite of all the accolades.  FYI: I have been using AE for 15 years and remember Mocha being introduced with much fan fare. 


                                                I'll come back to it.