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    File Crashing (was Re: Troubleshooting 101: Export to .idml or .inx to clear file corruption)


      Both CS6 and CS5:

      1.Try to open indd 2. looks normal 3. try to save - get rainbow ball 4. give up on saving and close file (doesn't save) 4. ID crashes with serious error 5. try again with .idml (<2 mb) or packaged file, same result.


      This happens with 3 specific files, all of which have a very similar structure (>20mb indd, ~20-30 placed images (pdf, psd, ai), resides on Mac server), however other files with the same fonts on the same server are normal. Also, other designers can open these files on their iMacs and save normally.


      I have:


      -Checked for Mac updates

      -Checked for ID updates

      -Checked for Stuitcase Fusion updates, cleared font cache, checked for corrupted fonts, deactivated all unnecessary fonts

      -Saved/opened file from Desktop

      -Checked langauge settings

      -Deleted preferences

      -Restarted again

      -Had others test the file, they have no problem. Had others save a new copy of the file, still same problems for me.



      Time to reinstall?