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    Encore CS5 has started freezing on "Preparing project for build..." in disk burn attempt

    Dan 101 Level 1

      After routinely burning DVDs with Encore CS5, the program has started freezing after I choose my settings and click "BUILD" on a window that reads, "Preparing project for build..."


      I checked for solutions online and read about problems with Quicktime versions after 7.5.5.  So I uninstalled Quicktime and installed the 7.5.5 version.  Still had problem.


      I reinstalled Encore.  Still had problem.


      Further research suggested I install the Roxio patch

      PX Engine 4.18.16a   I installed the patch.  Still had problem.


      I reinstalled the latest version of Quicktime v 7.7.4  Still had problem


      On my desktop computer, I'm running

      • Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
      • Intel i7 CPU  930 @ 2.80Ghz 2.80Ghz
      • 24 GB RAM
      • nvidia Quadro GX 4800
      • Raid config on my data drives


      Luckily, I also have Encore loaded as a part of the CS5 suite on a laptop computer, so I transfered the project files to the laptop, which burned the program without a problem.  This tells me the problem is with the program on my desktop and now with the project files.



      Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit

      Intel i7 CPU  2620M  @  2.70 Ghz  2.70 Ghz

      4 GB RAM

      nvidia NVS 4200M


      I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to get my desktop to again burn DVDs in encore.


      Message was edited by: Dan 101 Just realized that when I reinstalled Encore, I got a message that instructed me to shut down two processes. One was related to Encore, the other was something like dynamiclink.exe. I couldn't find any such process running when I checked the Task Manager, so I couldn't shut it down before I continued with the installation.  Could this be related to the issue?