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    How to Customize Acrobat XI Pro gui / interface?


      I hung on to v.9 a long time simply because i could arrange buttons/menus where they didn't break my body trying to use them,

      but it's finally necessary to move on with some of the additional functionalities of XI, so here I am.


      I've pushed my < AHK + StrokeIt + Actual Window Manger > configs about as far as I can,

      and now that i've committed to learning javascript, maybe it's possible after all to make this thing behave like i want it to.


      i try to play this app like i play my guitar - R hand works a 9 button Logitech G300 w/ multiple bindings in StrokeIt & AHK,

      L hand on the keyboard w/ multiple hotkeys in AHK -- but still, after awhile, all the reasonable/rational ergonomics have been used up --


      i'm new here, so i'll forego the rants ( I am a physical medicine healthcare professional after all --

      I'll just shutup & be grateful that these very design characteristics provide me a guaranteed annuity-stream

      of patients w/ computer/software-iatrogenic musculoskeletal sufferings)


      ... so, i'm only just starting to learn about javascript -- haven't really begun much scripting yet,

      but found a trail on this site that looks promising? >


      JavaScript > Developing Acrobat Applications Using JavaScript > Modifying the User Interface > Adding toolbar buttons and menu items


      I use WindowTabs to modify Acrobat & Paint, & OfficeTabs to take care of the mdi-reluctant Microsoft dinosaur-apps --

      so what is possible to with Acrobat XI?


      i've searched, but haven't found any retail or Open source plugins/extensions/mods for Acrobat -- are there any?


      Thanks very much for any positive workarounds ~