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    Help w/CF8 Java Problem, Works on CF7

    orangepips Level 1
      See the class definitions below.

      In CF7 if create an instance of Outer, say "outer", and code:
      things are fine.

      In CF8, I get the error "The getID method was not found." If I cfdump "outer" in CF8 I see
      className: Outer$Inner
      Methods: [list of methods and return types, but not getID]
      Parent Class
      Class Name: AbstractDecorator
      Methods: [list of methods and return types, including *getID*]

      Is there something different I need/can do w/CF8 to get to the method "getID" on the Parent Class?

      --- Skeleton Class Definitions ---
      public final class Outer {
      Inner inner;
      public Inner getInner() { return inner; }
      public final class Inner
      extends AbstractDecorator {

      abstract class AbstractDecorator extends Wrapped {
      private Wrapped _wrapped;
      public int getID() { return _wrapped.getID(); }
      class Wrapped {
      int ID;
      public int getID() { return ID; }