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    Drive Configuration

    Seth Denlinger

      Hi folks. Thanks for all the advice on here. I'm a noob and don't know what I'm talking about, so please be gentle! I've been reading for months but I think I'm still making mistakes. I will give you the short version:


      I built a PC for editing, it was working and then I started having Adobe shut-downs and later BSOD. I memtested. No seen problems with my RAM. My specs list was OKAYED by other forums. I will work on getting those specs up right now I'm approaching other solutions:


      1) My SATA C drive is 120 GBs and with only Windows and Adobe it's nearly full. Something is wrong, right? It should only be like 40 GBs full..? I think this lack of space is now totally slowing my system down. Not sure.


      2) If I work that out, I want make sure that my disk configuration is done right -- I thought it was, but now I'm not sure because of the issues.


      C - SATA 120 GBS - OS and Adobe


      E - I have 4 2tb drives setup with RAID 10


      Then I have 1 TB hard drive

      And another 1 TB hard drive


      I know -- after reading more Harm -- this isn't ideal. Right now I can't go deeper and make the ultimate setup. I need to see if I can make this work.


      My source media is on the E. Is that wrong?


      In the scratch-disk section of Adobe, I have the first two boxes set on the E drive and then the last two are on H (1tb) and I (1tb) ---


      Does this seem right?




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >My SATA C drive is 120 GBs and with only Windows and Adobe it's nearly full


          My GUESS is that you are using the default locations for your temporary files, so read

          Drive C space http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1007934?tstart=0


          Read Bill Hunt on BSOD shutdowns http://forums.adobe.com/thread/772169

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            Sorry, Seth. Your drive config is wrong. Your four-drive RAID 10 holds the equivalent of only 2TB total even though you have four 1TB drives (the other two 1TB drives are just a mirror of the first 2TB). Remember that "RAID 10" is not a high level RAID at all - but is actually a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0. Also, by default you're having the media cache and previews on the C: drive and you're exporting to the same RAID 10 volume (E:). The renders and exports would be quite a bit slower than it should have had you broken up that RAID 10 volume into two separate RAID 0 pairs (volumes) because that entire single four-disk volume will suffer from the exact same transfer limitations as a single SATA channel (data transfers can only travel in one direction at a time, and cannot travel in both directions simultaneously). I assume that your D: drive is an internal SATA optical (DVD and/or Blu-ray) drive in your system.


            In addition, are all four of your 1TB hard disks inside your PC the exact same make and model as one another? Because if they aren't, they might not have played nice with one another when configured in the same RAID array.

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              Seth Denlinger Level 1

              Hey, thank you guys for looking at my problems.


              I'm going to add a little bit of info:


              This is going to be a dedicated editing machine for a documentary. Run time between 45 and 70 minutes. These topics often overlap, so I'm going to continue this thread here but I'm not sure if I should be in a different forum.


              After wiping C drive and reinstalling Windows and Adobe, I still have Adobe quit on me. Since it's been so hard to troubleshoot, and since I have done too much editing, what do you guys think of me building a new RAID array? Based on with RjL said, sounds like that could be my problem, or is. I've spend 3K on this machine, have 32 GBs of RAM, a huge graphics card, what I think is a solid CPU, so it's is totally worth it to make it the beast I should be. That said, I might need to purchase a few things like a RAID controller which is a new area for me. I was hoping to use the motherboard for ON-Board RAID but have read on Harm's page that I should use RAID 3.


              My RAID 10 volume is


              4 Seagate Barracuda ST7200 RPM 2TBs each. I'm not sure what I even did at this point, but WINDOWS does indentify it as RAID 10 and says its "working normally."


              Then I have the 120 GB Corsair SD


              Then two additional 1 TB drives (not in a RAID array)


              All 7 of my drive slots are full in the box. How do I partially start over on this machine to make it work? I have source material backed up.




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                Seth Denlinger Level 1

                Not sure if it would be helpful:


                MB - ASROCK X79 Extreme6

                CPU - intel CORE i7 3930

                PSU - Seasonic SS 760

                RAM - 32 GBS of G. Skills

                GPU - Nvidia G-Force GTX 780

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Did you read the link I posted about shutdowns in reply #1?

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                    Seth Denlinger Level 1

                    Working on it. A bit overwhelmed but I swear I'm trying!


                    I'll be back.

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                      JEShort01 Level 4

                      Seth (Doug!?),


                      First, I would suggest disabling Windows Hibernate; this will free up space on your boot drive equal to your RAM size, or 32GB in your case. Here's how:



                      My next tip is related to throttle your hot-rod GTX 780 just a small bit:

                      - download and load EVGA's Precision utility (or MSI's Afterburner); yes, this will work for all vendor's GTX 780 cards

                      - set both throttling features for peak watts (85% of max) and temperature (50 deg. C)


                      I have seen this help stability on more than one system were the power supply was supposed to be large enough.


                      As others have already mentioned, making sure that all of your various drivers are up to date is a good tip for a stable build as well. Even if you are not using USB 3.0, update those drivers and firmware as well.





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                        cc_merchant Level 4

                        See Tweakers Page - Disk Setup for instructions on how to turn off hibernation.

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                          Seth Denlinger Level 1

                          Thank Jim,


                          I will try all that. Thank you so much.


                          I finally figured out how to find the error log/report since I could not find any in the mini-dump folder. I have a lot of info -- I think -- error codes, etc. I'm headed out today to buy a USB wifi adapter (there is only wifi) in my place to get online and see if there are updates for both Windows and Adobe and my NVIDIA card.


                          I'll also follow your tips about the GTX and windows hybernate.


                          I'll try it all.

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                            Seth Denlinger Level 1

                            Here's what's up:


                            1) Updated Nivida's drivers

                            2) Have almost all the windows updates, but 1...still having trouble in one update.

                            3) I have ASI After Burner on.


                            Is it the "Power Limit" that I set to 85%...? Can't find anything about the CPU temp or a place to set temp.


                            4) Also used Windows Fix It to disable hybernate.

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                              JEShort01 Level 4

                              MSI Afterburner3.0.0 Beta 10 or newer should support both "temperature limit" as well as "power limit". Yes, setting power limit to 85% would be a good place to start. And if you are still having crashes or issues that could be video card or power supply related, you could try setting the power limit lower still.

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                                Seth Denlinger Level 1

                                Thanks again everyone.


                                Apologies for the copy and paste. Just got another BSOD. I think this is the code, because it is the Critcal Error and happened at that time.


                                param10x0000001e (0xffffffffc0000005, 0xfffff800035c12f7, 0x0000000000000000, 0xffffffffffffffff)




                                This came up after I restarted as an error. "boot start or system start drivers failed to load"




                                And then this other error (which I thought "fix it" would fix)


                                Error: Event 10, WMI


                                Tomorrow I'll start googling to see what comes of it. Just figured I throw it out there if it looks familiar. I also looked in the Minidump folder and this windows media screen that you scroll around.

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                                  Seth Denlinger Level 1

                                  Hi folks,


                                  After much googling I've not found much out.


                                  So, the Kernel Error 41 is power related. I checked my board for missing standoff and I DO have one missing standoff, however the board is NOT touching the case, because there are many other standoffs holding the board up. I did, however, have a screw in there so MAYBE the screw was touching the case without the standoff inbetween.


                                  I could be a bad piece of HW but I still think human error is more likely.


                                  Other ideas I found online:


                                  surge protector causeing a problem.

                                  audio driver -- there seem be the driver for windows and another that came from ...



                                  Since this has begun, I've probably had 8 BSODs and I'm starting to worry that I might mess up my CPU (from what I've heard.) Thinking about paying a pro (not geek squad) to work on this. What do you guys think? There's the time cost to factor in at this point.

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                                    Seth Denlinger Level 1

                                    Thinking about taking system out of case and testing that way to see if the short is coming from the case...bad idea?

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                                      Seth Denlinger Level 1

                                      Hi folks,


                                      Thanks for all your help. I'm in the troubleshooting process right now, but feeling good about where we are going.


                                      During my initial install of Windows, I might have made mistakes -- like running programs without updates, bottle necking adobe, perhaps the GTX was trottled too high. I ended up with a corrupted windows -- or I might just have deleted some stuff I wasn't supposed to. I screwed it up bad.




                                      Installed from boot

                                      Installed ASrock drivers

                                      Updated Drivers from Windows

                                      Checked to make sure GTX is updated

                                      Turned Hibernation off with Fix it

                                      Installed Percision X and trottle GTX to 85% which connected with the temp

                                      Since I have two sound drivers, I disabled Realtek and kept NIVIDIA

                                      There is no Norton running. I don't have any Malware protection yet. (Suggestions...I do most my interneting with my laptop.)


                                      I have still 63GB on SSD (Way more than other install).

                                      I have not install Adobe products yet.

                                      Only the SSD/C drive is installed (and the optical drive)


                                      Computer isn't having to work hard yet, but after running sfc in command prompt nothing is corrupt or missing. (This was not the case a few days ago.)


                                      Looking up at original threads about disk configuration, before I go farther and install any software, I want to disassemble my Four 2tb drives that comprise RAID 10 and reconfigure into a new/different RAID. Right now they are simply storing MEDIA, which I have backed up. Can this be done simply by erasing them? I'm going to read again about disk config. but assuming all is well, I want to make sure that HDs are being used appropriately. This is a bit of my own homework, but you guys REALLY speedup the process since so many of these computer situations seem somewhat unique.


                                      I also have those Two 1 tb drives to put to use. Perhaps those should store the media as Read Only.


                                      MAIN concern now is what to do about this RAID 10 before moving forward.