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    How to upgrade CF9 ( Linux - RHEL 6.0 ) to CF 10?




      I have been unable to find any instructions on how to do an upgrade from CF9 ( Linux - RHEL 6.0 ) to CF 10.


      I have a CF10 full copy and license yet there does not seem to be an upgrade option via the installer when I run it.


      ~Stu :-(

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          Peter 456

          Install CF10 as a new install. The first time you connect to http://hostname/CFIDE/adminisatrator, it will prompt you to run the migration script.


          The migration script should copy over the neo*.xml configuration files from CF9 into the CF10 file structure ColdFusion 10\cfusion\lib\cf9settings and convert them into the correct format for CF10.


          If you have already installed CF10 and not done the migration script, you can reset it. First check if the neo*.xml files were copied over into the correct directory. Then stop CF.

          Edit the ColdFusion 10 cfusion/lib/adminconfig.xml file by setting the values of the 

          <runmxmigrationwizard>false</runmxmigrationwizard> and the <migratecf9>false</migratecf9> to true.

          Then restart.