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    tilt shift lens effect ?


      How do you approximate the effect of a tilt shift lens using Photoshop ?

      Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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          Pixelbender Level 1

          There's a filter for these effects included since PS CS 6



          If you dont want to use these filters theres another workaround. (CS 6)


          - Duplicate your backgroundlayer or the layer on which you want to apply this effect.

             (convert it into a smart-object, if you want to adjust the strength of the filter at any time)


          - Go to 'filters' -> 'Blur' --> 'Gaussian blur'

              Set the filter to an amount which works fine for you.


          - After you hit OK the whole image will be blurry.

          - Now create a new layer-mask for the blurry layer.

          - select the gradient tool (shortcut 'G' or 'Shift+G' on your keyobard) 

              Make sure you have the mask selected. (white border around the miniature of the layer-mask)

          - Now set the gradient style on 'reflective' and draw a gradient on that mask.


          Hope this helps.

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            r00sevelt Level 1

            Thank you for the ready help.

            I'll try it.