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    Where can I download Robohelp Version 10?


      I am a service tech for our company, and we have just given a computer to a user. I need to transfer his robohelp from one omputer to another, however i cannot find a link to download version 10. I have extracted the key from the old computer, now I need the software. Is there any way to get this software?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Really you need to locate the original download as there is no download link for Rh10 from Adobe's site. Whilst vendors will still have boxed sets, they will not have trial versions and you will not want to pay for a licence.


          If you cannot trace the media, you will need to find proof of purchase. With that to hand, contact Customer Support as I believe in that scenario they can provide a one-off download.




          Peter Grainge


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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are several 'tricks' to download the old, offical versions of

            almost all of Adobe's software. You can download the official RH7-10

            versions from Adobe.


            The following link lists how to download the official old versions. You

            will install a trial or will need to buy a licensce code for the correct

            version. These versions are 100% legal.

                 Go to:


            for download instructions. Make sure to follow the instructions to the

            letter, otherwise your download won't work.


            One note, the download link provided on the page above only lists RH8.

            But just copy the download link, change the version number and you're

            good to go.


            (Also works for old versions of TCS/FrameMaker/Captivate/etc.)


            Kind regards,