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    Brochure files not working


      Hi I have downloaded the files for the brochure.

      The image files work fine, but I  firstly cannot select a few and the the logo file for instance has A I next ot it and the program doesn't even Identify it. When I select it and try to place it the previous image just keeps appearing.

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          Rita Amladi JapanEmployeeModerator

          Hi Hitchcock,


          In the 2nd video at 00:16, the presenter chooses Place from the File Menu. Then, navigate to the location where you dowloaded the sample assets. Hold the shift key while you select all the assets numbered 01 to 06. This selects them all-together. Follow the instructor's steps as he clicks in various locations on both pages to lay down the images that were all gathered up together.


          If this seems cumbersome, you can place each graphics asset manually. To do this, choose File> Place and choose each asset individually to place in the locations on the pages.



          Rita Amladi