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    Baffling bug: Audio-ONLY loops when placing MP4 in composition timeline

    bryan.gough Level 1

      I have a :55 long .mp4 file containing motion graphics and a narrated voiceover.

      I want to place that file into a composition.

      I can preview the footage and see that the audio and the motion graphics are synced properly.


      Without doing ANYTHING else, I drag the .mp4 file from the Project Library panel into the composition's Timeline panel.

      When I twirl open the .mp4 audio waveform, I see that the audio loops the first fifteen seconds for the duration of the video!

      The video, however, does NOT loop. It plays as expected...


      I have no idea how this is happening. There is no way to time remap the audio FROM the video while placing into a composition. And, for the record, there is no time remapping applied to the track that it could be inheriting...


      How would AE come to determine that it should loop the first 15 seconds of audio while playing the 55 seconds of video?


      Totally stumped. Nearing client deadline.