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    User PDF field entries erased when form is edited in Livecycle


      I may know what the answer to this is but...   I have been using Livecycle to develop some simple quarterly pricing forms.  I am populating the form fields with their relevant data (e.g. pricing, description, part number, etc.) in the PDF.  While I'm populating the PDF I will realize that I've made a mistake within the form structure.  I have used the PDF Preview in Livecycle but honestly some little details slip through the cracks.  I also have a boss that wants me to make changes with every submission. 


      Here's the question, is there a way to keep the user input field data on the PDF from disappearing when I go back in to edit the form structure in Livecycle?  I hope somebody has an answer.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to build them as an Acroform.  Thanks for your time.