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    My Script Saves My Files In Incremental file names but can't save to original folder?


      hi everyone,


      so after a few hours of browsing the forum, was able to scotch tape this script together so it allows me to save my files in incremental file numbers.


      - i create an action to edit the file and then in that action, i run this script x-amount of times.

      - it works as i tested it a few times.


      but here are my questions that i can't figure out.


      1. right now it says to a folder that i have to designated. how would i edit this code so it'll save in the same folder as the file i am editing?

      2. so far it saves as a jpeg. does anyone know the syntax to use for a gif?


      and if you're kind enough...let's say i have an animated gif file, i can't edit it in photoshop so i have to use imageready but how do i replicate the above in imageready since we're on the same topic.


      THANKS!!! code is below:



      // This script will save the active document to a folder with an incremental sufix
      // Change the options below to match your needs
      var saveFolder = new Folder( 'C:\\test' );
      var saveExt = 'jpg';
      var saveSufixStart = '_';
      var saveSufixLength = 3;
      jpgSaveOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions();
      jpgSaveOptions.embedColorProfile = true;
      jpgSaveOptions.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE;
      jpgSaveOptions.matte = MatteType.NONE;
      jpgSaveOptions.quality = 8;
      // End of user options
      function zeroPad ( num, digit ){
         var tmp = num.toString();
         while (tmp.length < digit) { tmp = "0" + tmp;}
         return tmp;
      var docName = decodeURI ( activeDocument.name );
      docName = docName.match( /(.*)(\.[^\.]+)/ ) ? docName = docName.match( /(.*)(\.[^\.]+)/ ) : docName = [ docName, docName, undefined ];
      var saveName = docName[ 1 ]; // activeDocument name with out ext
      var files = saveFolder.getFiles( saveName + '*.' + saveExt );// get an array of files matching doc name prefix
      var saveNumber = files.length + 1;
      //alert("New file number: " + zeroPad( saveNumber, saveSufixLength ));
      var saveFile = new File( saveFolder + '/' + saveName + '_' + zeroPad( saveNumber, saveSufixLength ) + '.' + saveExt );
      activeDocument.saveAs( saveFile, jpgSaveOptions ,true ,Extension.LOWERCASE);