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    Can't open eBook on iPad: get E_ADEPT_INTERNAL error.


      I am trying to download to my iPad an Axis360 book i borrowed from my library. I have been able to download it to my Windows 8 PC, but i'm having trouble getting on the iPad. I have Axis 360 reader installed on my iPad. If i log in to the library, i can see the book i want to download. If i click download, i get a screen asking for my Adobe ID. I didn't remember having one, so i created one.


      When i then use that to download the eBook, i get this message "The item was originally downloaded with a different user account or Adobe ID. To continue, please add that account.".


      If i try adding an axisreader id, & use my library card # & PIN, i get this messge "E_ADEPT_INTERNAL. http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/SignInDirect null". How can i get the book?


      I tried Adobe Tech Support & they were useless - they told me to try the Forums, so here I am...


      P.S. Tnis does not seem like its an Adobe Reader question, but this is where Adobe tech support sent me.