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    How do I get the Illustrator CC Host Adapter working?

    GoColts Level 1

      I've been trying to put together a test Extension for Illustrator  that uses the Host Adapter library, but Illustrator CC just never seems to load the Host Adapter plugin.


      I am using the Extension Builder 2.1 trial and Illustrator CC (17.1.0 64-bit) on Win 7.  The AIHostAdapter.aip files are in the correct Plug-ins\Extensions folder, and the AIHostAdapter is listed when I go to Help->System Info.


      My Extension loads fine in Illustrator, but the AIEventAdapter.getInstance().pingPlugIn() always results in the "timed out" event.


      I'm using a simple "Hello" Extension created from the Exension Builder "New Extension Project" wizard and included the Host Adapter libraries in my selections of what to use.  I exported the project to ZXP and installed it.  Extension Manager installs it, the AIHostAdapter.aip files go to the right place, Illustrator starts fine and loads my extension, but the Host Adapater never seems to be available. 


      This same Extension works fine and can access the Host Adapter fine in my alternate Illustrator CS6 instance.


      Is there some other trick to getting it working with CC?  Or is the Host Adapater integration in CC somehow broken right now?


      Please let me know if any additional information would be helpful.  Thanks!