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    Form function, with security password on ipad



      I've been trying to create an acrobat form with form filling function - for people to type in to during an event on their ipads. BUT we want it to have a secure password. The idea is that the people attending the events download the document prior to the event, but can't open it until they are given a password at the event. It means we can save the surprise.

      The problem is, I can't seem to save a PDF document, with a fillable form function that you can save, AND give it a password. Once i add the password function, this seems to stop the form being fillable, on the ipad. I've tried loads of different ways to write it, and different versions of acroabt from 9, X, & XI. Tested it out on Acrobat Reader and on ipad. Am I going mad?

      If it's not possible, are there any genius' (plural of genius?!) out they with an idea how to work round this. I don't think ipads can open .zip files either (had thought to password protect one of those!).

      Oh orginal form created in Indesign 5.5, but also reopened and save in Indesign CC.

      Thank you