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    AE CC suddenly no longer displaying a Motion-Jpeg Clip

    AlexBardosch Level 1



      I have always used the 35mm film grain from this site: http://vision-color.com/free-stuff/

      Yesterday I opened one of my projects and suddenly the file is displayed as a green solid.

      I have tested the file with VLC - plays as it should.

      I have re-downloaded it to rule out file corruption - no result.

      PPro also displays it as a green solid, in the program window as well as in the fullscreen playback on my 2nd monitor.


      Should I try to re-install quicktime? Any other ideas?


      (win7 64, latest AE CC, updated display drivers today, been having problems with my graphics card (lots of glitches on the display), but as I said it plays in VLC and it played before, when I already had those problems, so I'd rather think it's not connected.)


      Edit: I am noticing more and more glitches, maybe it is really my graphics card that is the culprit here, I'll try to exchange it. Though I still think it's unrelated.
      I will test it by re-encoding the file in AE... if it's only a display problem, the resulting file should work fine in VLC. Will report back.


      Edit2: Re-encoding resultet in a clip with one green frame and the rest purple frames.