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    Inacurate line rendering

    Pop_Clingwrap Level 1
      I have a tool that draws lines on a graph and then enables you to zoom in and examine sections of the line in detail.
      The line is drawn once and then its container clip is rescaled and positioned and masked to display the section that the user has zoomed to.

      The problem is that after the clip is scaled up to a certain level (not a constant level!) the lines within it begin to draw incorrectly. They appear multiple times slightly offset from each other and if a fill is applied it appears outside the lines.

      There seems to be no consistency to the problem, sometimes it happens and sometimes not but it is frequent enough that it is a major problem. It seems to be specific to Version 7 of the Flash Player and I have found some reference on line to this player having an issue with rendering vectors under certain circumstances.

      If anyone else has experienced this or has an explanation of this issue or any thoughts on how it might be worked round that would great as I am at a bit of a loss

      Cheers all