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    Batch replace image and render...




      Made an animation for a flag, just imported the flag into AE and put a couple of warps on it so it seems to wave in the wind.

      I need to do this for every national flag in the world (200+), so I'm looking for a way to automate this. Any suggestions?


      Basically I need the program to load all the images (flags) in a folder, replace the image wich is already there and then render the comp before the nest image is loaded.


      Any ideas?




      PS. I'm still working on CS4.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          In the time you have waited for someoen to respond to this post, you could have done half of them by hand... Anyway, a simple method would be to import them as a sequence in a pre-comp and use time-remapping on that pre-comp in the main comp, then animate the value over time. Simply make the comp long enough and render all flags. You can always split up the resulting clip/ image sequence later if needed.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In your first comp select all changed properties in your flag by selecting the layer in the timeline and press the U key twice. I'm assuming from your description that there is only one layer in the comp.


            Now loop select all of these properties and go to Animation>Save Animation Preset and save the preset.


            Now select the other 199 flags from your Project Panel and drag them into the new composition icon or Context click, or go to File and select New Comp from selection. When the window pops up select Multiple compositions and then click OK.


            Open the compositions, select the footage layer and press Ctre/Alt+Cmnd/Ctrl+Shift+F to apply the animation preset you just saved (or used).


            Repeat for each new comp


            Set up a new output module preset for the render settings you want to use and set that one as the default or pick a render setting in the AME you want to use and set that as the default for a watch folder.


            Then, select all 200 comps in the timeline and choose Composition, Add to Render Cue and press Render OR

            Save your AE project to the Watch folder and let the AME do it's thing.


            You'd be done by now...


            This whole operation could be written as a script but it would take less time to just do it with an animation preset.