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    Flash 12 Firefox installation hang


      I had Flash 11 installed, and the last two updates to Flash 12 would not complete.


      I'm using Windows 7 Professional, Firefox up to date, other system requirements are met.


      What happens is that when I run the install file, I get the permission to run window, acknowledge it, and then the installer hangs. The install file disappears from the download folder, and Windows Task Manager shows it running, with no change in CPU or memory use.


      What I've done so far:

      I ran the Flash uninstall program.

      Deleted instances of the installer in the Windows Temp folder.

      Cleared the Firefox cache.

      Disabled the antivirus (Windows Security Essentials).


      Nothing succeeds, and no error messages appear. I have to end the installer file process.


      I'm not sure what to do next.