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    Photo Filter adjustment layer and eye dropper

    John_Picton Level 3

      Hi all


      I am sure there is a simple solution to this but here goes (BTW I am using a Windows 7 machine and a variety of versions of PS).


      Somebody showed me an interesting way to address color cast in photos and he showed my using CS2. I tried it at home on Photoshop CC, CS6 and CS5.5 with no joy. I then tried it on CS2 (at home - so the same machine with the other versions on) and it worked as I was shown.


      The method is this.


      Load the image that has a color cast.

      Select Adjustment layer and add a Photo Adjustment layer

      Select "Color" rather than one of the pre-defined filters and click on the Color Box to activate the eye dropper.

      Using the eye dropper select a part of the picture that is closest to the cast that you want to remove

      Then in the "a" and "b" boxes in the dialogue box make the numbers the opposite of what they are (For example if the number is 32 change it to -32, if the number is -32 change it to 32).

      Then click on OK to change the color.

      Then you should be able to use the density slider to increase or decrease the colour cast.


      Now all of that works fine if I am using CS2 - but if I try it in CC, CS6 or CS5.5 when I try to use the eye dropper I cant select any colors in my picture. No matter what I click on I get White, it will not pick up the color.


      I am sure I am doing something wrong, but I cant for the life of me think what!


      Any ideas?