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    inaccessable books due to old ID


      Hi everyone

      I have a problem accessing my previously purchased books. The ID (e-mail) I had at the time is no longer in use. I understand that Adobe was hacked and that Adobe changed passwords of their clients. Adobe sent the new passoword (of course) to the e-mail that is out of use. I have already made a new Adobe ID, however, the books I purchased using my old ID I cannot open.

      What to do?

      Thanks in advance,


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          chiragjuneja Level 1

          Sorry to hear that you don't know the password of the old Adobe ID and registered email is out of use.

          There is nothing much you can do really.

          Your best bet would be "Adobe chat"/Adobe customer care support.
          If you can convince them you are the real owner of the account, they should be able to reset the email address and password for you.


          It might be helpful to know your internal ID for your old Adobe ID.

          In case you don't know how to retrieve that, you would have to follow the following steps:

          1. Make a copy of your epub file. (say a-copy.epub)

          2. change the extension to ".zip" instead of ".epub"

          3. extract the zip file and open the rights.xml file from META-INF folder.

          4. you can get your user-id from <user>urn:uuid:XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX</user>.


          I hope it helps.

          All the best.