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    Link to external files - how can I insert hyperlinks to another project?


      Hi, I am trying to learn how to use RoboHelp HTML (I am using RoboHelp10) and, unfortunately, I have to work on a project which someone else started some time ago.

      The thing is, I have 2 separate projects, each with their own files, wich will, in the end, be generated into 2 separate chm files and used in the same software (probably merged, but I don't know yet).

      One of the projects needs to have hyperlinks in several htm pages to topics in the other project. I have read the Help provided by Adobe for RoboHelp, but I am not sure I understand correctly:

      Link to external files

      • Choose a link location in the Design Editor.
      • Enter text.
      • Highlight the text and click the Insert Hyperlink button .
      • Click the triangle button next to Link To and then select File.
      • Browse to a file, open it, and copy it into the project folder. - Is this file the individual .htm containing my topic or the .chm generated from all the project htm files? Where in the project folder should I copy it? (my .chm project file is generated in the !SSL! folder).

      Generate the file to test links to external topics.

      WebHelp projects
      The external file must be distributed in the WebHelp folder.
      Microsoft HTML Help projects


      The external file must be distributed with the CHM file.Note: The external CHM file must be in the same folder as the project CHM file.
        - I am going to generate a Microsoft HTML Help project, so the second specification probably applies. Does this mean that the external chm must be copied in the !SSL! folder where I generate my current chm and distributed together, so that the hyperlinks will work?


      Sorry if my question may seem somewhat stupid, I'm just not very skilled at this software. Thanks in advance.