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    Any way to use a quick and dirty icon like cLabel in the quick tools toolbar?


      I am a javascript cut-and-paster with ability to cobble things together.


      In previous versions of Acrobat, I had tools that were added to the toolbar using the technique shown in this script:


      app.addToolButton({cName: "MyFlattenButton",

         cLabel: "Flatten",

         cEnable: "event.rc = (app.doc != null);",

         cExec: "flattenPages();"




      That would create a toolbar button with the "icon" that read "Flatten" which is all that I needed.  I could click on it and it would flatten all pages in the document.


      I used this to create several different tools, all with different names and cLabels.


      This script still works in Acrobat XI (it adds the tool to the add-on tools list, and then I can add it from there to the quick tools toolbar).  The cLabel names show up in the add-on tools list, but not in the quick tools toolbar.  In the toolbar they all use the same generic icon (but they all work correctly).


      From reading in this forum I see that there is a way to create a custom icon but it does not look easy.  Is there any simple way to just have text appear as the icon as I used to do for earlier versions of Acrobat?