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    New page tells indesign to use next row from excel

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      I am working on creating packaging for the compnay i work for (boxes, cases ect.) I am using the place> spreadsheet option to populate 20 diff areas on the box, things like size, sku# and mfg#.  Ideally what i need indesign to do is when i create a new box (new page or duplicate page) to have indesign use the next row in excel.  Duplicating the page just makes the populated areas use the same row (obviously).  Having to place the spreadsheet 20 times every time i want to create a new box with new cell values is not time efficient.  Id be better off not using the place> spreadsheet option at all.  Ive considered making a new cs6 page/ file for each box with its own excel spreadsheet and delete a row which pushes everything up everytime I create a new box. However, if i do that i lose the efficiency of the master page (basically if there is a change on all the boxes i would have to make these changes to each file).  I just finished doing spec sheets and i must have changed those master pages about ten times.  There are ~230 boxes and ~230 cases that need to be created. Is this even possible, thank you in advance!