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    InDesign CS5 and Windows 7 crash on link updating


      I've got a super-frustrating problem here, hoping someone can help.


      I tried to make my documentation workflow easier by linking an Illustrator file, using the 30 layers in the AI file along with Object States in Indesign to control image display on each page. This workflow allows me to make one AI file and setup my states in with InDesign, then I just go through each page of my document and choose the state I want, etc. Problem is, when I make a small change to the AI file I get 3000+ links that need updating. Normally I'd figure no big deal, click to fix all and go make a coffee. Problem is IND gets all the way through the long process and then crashes! My only way to update the links without crashing is to select groups much smaller than the whole and update each group. I try to update one page at a time, and that's roughly 100 links. This takes quite some time.


      Some other things to note. My document is probable a higher resolution than I needed, but going back and rebuilding smaller would take more time than I'd like to spend. Also, I deleted the preferences hoping it would fix things but it did not. Lastly, I setup display options for my links panel and clipboard handling but the settings don't seem to save next time I open IND, how do I save these prefs???