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    Placing titles or comps in AE.... Newbie questions?

    Dennisp@cuesinc.com Level 1

      I apoligize first as my questions may seem so lame.  I understand Premiere CS6 and use it all the time.  Now I want to jazz up with some titles not just the ones you can create in Premiere.


      Here's where I'm at.  I have a 4:30 video I've done in Premiere and this is where I get stuck..


      I have a lower third comp that is in AE CS6 and I want to use it in serveral spots in that video.  I believe each comp would need to be seperate as the text is different.  I understand that.  Here's where I get confused.


      How do I take the 4:30 video and put into AE and them place each comp (title) at the time location I want. 


      Do I create a new comp that is the 4:30 video and then place each title comp into that? 


      One other question.  Seems so simple.  I have tried a new comp and set the time ength to match the 4:30 video and put the video in it but when I look at the timeline it seems I can't get it to show the whole video like the timeline view is spread out.  I tried the slider view on the timeline but can't seem to get the view compressed to show the video from end to end.


      Thanks to all!  I really appriciate the help this site and members always provide.